The Reclamation of Tenebris

A New Composition

Myrddin - Fendag the 11th of Midyear

The knee bone’s connected to the – Thigh bone
The thigh bone’s connected to the – Hip bone
The Hip bone’s connected to the – Back bone
The Back-bone’s connected to …
[yelled at the top of the lungs]

Behold t’Dunraz the Mighty! Witness O ye’ fleshless and rattle in your bones!
After 4 days for slaving away at the Slateback’s forges in Lisrim’s Landing, I have completed my new hammer With Bone-inlaid handle, a bifurcated head, and a fluted shaft (not pictured), I’m ready to take on legions of the undead!

I have also reconditioned several of the Auroran blades we found in Erevan’s Watch, for myself, I have rendered a short sword, named Nibbler, and two other short swords for my companions, whose names will be stupid and Elvish, no doubt.

We’re rowing up the Atlas on the morrow en route to Aofie’s Stand, Once there, we’ll gather supplies, and travel up the Arendi river, in hopes of finding this Green Arendi mine the Slatebacks are so desperate to find. With my new arms and a new studded leather breastplate from the market, I feel like a veritable new dwarf, and am looking forward to the journey,


ChrisRoenicke Unchapped

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