The Reclamation of Tenebris

Along the Watchtower

from Erevan's adventure log, late spring

Today we tackled our first objective on the trip: an old watchtower situated on a cliff above the river.

Simple observation revealed it to be a four-story stone structure, though any underground levels and the contents of the floors were a mystery. We had hoped that it had been abandoned, the occupants fleeing for their lives in the face of the oncoming plague, but that was not the case. We had to fight skeletal archers guarding the entry, and more undead guarding the doors. Sancha was good enough to hold the portcullis open under fire to allow us entry, and then took several of the creatures on directly. I assisted her, but Ivellios and Myrddin had their chance when a few more came shambling into the… entry-area thing. Not a lobby, but a “fojer?” Architectural descriptions are not my strength. I’m sure I’ll get used to fighting indoors, but it feels so cramped – and as if danger could pop out from any direction at any time. Give me the woods any day – there you can hear the sounds of creatures approaching, or the silence as small animals quiet in the presence of a predator.

We found more undead in the kitchen, servants likely, and then several more in what was likely a guard barracks. These were significantly more difficult. They had what was either a captain or one hell of a fighter with them, and in the battle we almost lost Myrri\din. I shudder to think what might happen should one of us actually die here. Would we be turned into one of these foul creatures, or must we be infected first? Anyway, we found a small fortune in weapons – well crafted blades, dating back to the Imperium.

After a rest and some meditation (I feel like I’m getting better at being a fighter instead of a guard) we decided to clear out the basement next. Several undead were caged in the dungeons, but a new abomination almost got the best of us – a spectral apparition, invulnerable to most physical attacks. When Ivellios blessed his staff and gave it to be as a club, it did some damage – Gloomy vaporized it and everything else in the bottom level with a moonbeam spell. Very impressive.


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