The Reclamation of Tenebris

Burning for you

from Erevan's adventure log, early summer

We’ve found the mine.
Are our travels are becoming more dangerous, or has our luck just run out? Maybe this was just a more inhabited area? It seems like we were able to cover quite a bit of distance without seeing any undead, but now they’re everywhere. We almost lost our goblin guide on the way, and Myrddin became infected with the gray death, but we nursed them back to health.
Last night, while camped by the mine (well, not by it, but across the river to observe and make sure it wasn’t being used as a lair), we were ambushed by what I’m now thinking of as “common” undead – skeletons, zombies, etc – and something new: a floating skull, wreathed in green fire. The skull hovered on the other side of the river and blasted us with fireballs and a squad of skeletal archers took potshots at us as multiple zombies came in close with claws and teeth.
I genuinely didn’t think we were going to make it… at one point I was the only one still standing; our goblin and Tim had died the final death, and Myrddin, Ivellios, Tom Slateback, and Cheney were all unconscious, with more zombies, skeletons, and the flaming skull still after us. I revived my cousin first, both because he has healing abilities and because I couldn’t not. I think he revived Tom and Tom revived Myrrddin, but I’m not sure. I got Cheney out of harm’s way and started aiming for the flaming skull. I Entangled it, and I think Tom got the final shot, dropping it into the river. Then we turned to help the others with the undead on our side of the river…
After we had disposed of the other enemies, and had fished the skull out of the river to inspect it, it reignited! Between the four of us we took it back down quickly, but if we hadn’t been surrounding it we could have been in serious trouble. Or would it have reignited at all, if we hadn’t fished it out of the water for Ivellios to inspect? To be safe, we smashed it, and Ive ground up the skull. He wanted samples for his druidic “sciences.”
Just before dawn we gave Tim and our goblin proper send-offs. In the morning, all remnants of the skull were gone, including the powder my cousin had contained…


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