The Reclamation of Tenebris

Just around the riverbend

from Erevan's adventure log, early summer

We spent most of the day trying to rescue a band of goblins trapped in an oxbow by a sizable horde of undead; luckily we had Tim (Deceased) and Tom Slateback with us, or we wouldn’t have been able to save any of the poor creatures. Tom is beginning to open up to us, and take the initiative in fights; today he smashed a few undead with an impressive jumping hammer attack. Tim seems to be more comfortable remaining back from the fight, which, considering his skills with a crossbow, is fine. Together they make quite a team.
I’m repeatedly surprised by the goblins’ survival abilities; the wolves they had certainly made a difference today, but grouping with the larger and stronger hobgoblins and trolls seems to have been a valid long-term survival strategy. Maybe it was natural for them, in the beginning, since they served the Aurorian Humans for so long? Not all are happy with the arrangement, it seems – Tovaric, a goblin of admirable skill and wits, has a plan to take his brethren out from under the thumbs of their larger protectors to freedom at Aofie’s Stand… he just needs accomplices to get them there safely.
After conferring with my companions, we agreed to smuggle them out with us on the way back from the mine. We arranged to trade curative herbs for one of their young wolves, which has made us favored with the tribe leaders, and should be greeted well when we return. A goblin is coming with us to help train the wolf and guide us to the mine, and get us back after we have completed our task. We’ll see how many goblins opt to leave with us on our way, but either way I now have a wolf!
I think I will name him Cheney.


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