The Reclamation of Tenebris


Ivellios Naïlo | Skaldag the 28th of Merry, 203

I think Moonbeam might be the best spell ever.

We ran into a spectre. I’m pretty sure I’m the only reason we won that fight, at least the only reason we won so one-sidedly. Even Sancha seemed feeble against it. Physical weapon attacks seemed to be useless, or at least weak—I think we landed one such blow, but the spectre just shrugged it off.

In a single turn, however, I was able to magitize my staff (yes, I’m making that a word), toss it to Erevan, and cast Moonbeam on the ghost, doing massive damage. In less than ten seconds, with Erevan’s magical blow, the spectre went down. Then I moved the moonbeam from room to room killing all the remaining undead without even opening the cell doors (we were in what appeared to be a prison).

Hmm. What causes someone to turn into a spectre versus a ghoul or a skeleton? I ought to research this. Maybe this will lead to the information I need before I go home.


ChrisRoenicke dfoverdx

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