The Reclamation of Tenebris

More Skeletons!?!?!

The Watchtower Seige, Day 2 - Myrddin - Soldag the 29th of Merry, 203

How many damn skeletons can there be in this tower? This is day two of airing the place out and my sword arm’s beginning to ache. Even worse! I’m running out of insults for skeletons, my sense of humor around bones is usually dry, but these zombies are turning it to mush. Ack! even that joke was terrible.

Ivellios is proving useful, he and I were able to work our magicks together today, between my Shatter, and his moonbeam, we were able to clear about 15 skeletons in one go (I got 4 with one shattering burst, I’m really beginning to enjoy that spell!), by counts I’m winning (if one ignores the contributions of Sancha.) One more floor to go by the looks of it, I better brush up my cutting wit for the morrow…


ChrisRoenicke Unchapped

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