The Reclamation of Tenebris

Walls of the Cave

from Erevan's adventure log, early summer

Since we had run out out of (or traded away) all our herbal remedies for the Gray Death, Illevios decided to gather more while they were in bloom. We figured that between Myrddin, Tom, Cheney, and myself we should be able to scout it and take care of any minor threats pretty easily.
We won’t make that mistake again.
I almost got us killed at the first cavern we came to, when Cheney jumped on me and pushing me into a pile of rocks, which clattered to the floor. I think he was trying to warn me of danger, because about a dozen zombies poured out of the two rooms built against the walls at the sound. We killed them, but I almost lost Cheney again – and he lost an ear and quite a bit of fur from his neck.
Once we recovered, we took a closer look around; there was a smooth exit from the cavern to the East, and a broken in wall to the West. We decided to check out that passage, but turned back when we found giant (GIANT) ant creatures. Going back the other way, we noticed a trail worn into the ceiling, going form this tunnel to the Eastern passage, then along that one and criss-crossing the cavern there. The two passages to the sides were dead ends (one was pretty wet, and probably went a bit too close to the river), and the one ahead was barricaded with rubble. We carefully cleared the rocks, so we could escape if necessary, and continued along.
Not too far along we ran across three giant… termite larva? They were big and squishy, with sharp teeth and tentacles and lots of (relatively) small legs. One grabbed Cheney and tried to escape with him by crawling on the ceiling, which at least answered one question. We defeated them also, with Myrddin’s cunning use of his dissonant whispers spell, but it was a close fight and we almost lost Cheney again. I have decided he has earned a proper Elven name; I believe Suyolle, “revived,” would be appropriate, considering his experiences with us already. Poor thing, once he reaches adult size, I will get him some armor to keep him safe.


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