Silvestry Elves


The Silvestry (wood) elves are a loosely organized equestrian society built around clans (known as Bueligs). Generally well liked due to their trade connections the Silvestry are welcomed everywhere. The only exception is with the River dwarves who at time are direct competitors to the Silvestry.

A Buelig is headed by the Vezer who is choosen from the named elves of the Buelig. All free Silvestry can become named elves through deeds of service and valor.

Wizards of the Green

In most cultures the gap between a wizard and a druid is large, the former focus on the methodical study of magic and its working, the later intuitively experience the magic of nature and have an innate insight into the deeper secrets of the natural world. The Silvestri as a people are drawn to nature and share a uniquely strong bond with it, causing the gap between the two classes to be much smaller. For this reason they have a number of Green Wizards (e.g. scholarly Druids) who are focused on the study of nature and those forces that threaten it. Where some Druids forces only on harmony with nature, a Green Wizard focuses on understanding all aspects of nature so that they can bring harmony.

Silvestry Elves

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